Inasis Proton Workshop Series (Introduction To Microsoft Word)

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Inasis Proton Workshop Series Introduction To Microsoft Word

SINTOK - In line with the ongoing workshop series organized by the INASIS Proton UUM, the Nigerian student society UUM in conjunction with the INASIS proton Postgraduate scholars UUM, has organized and presented a Microsoft word program today the 5th of November, 2016 facilitated by Abubakar M. Tom at BME, Gallery hall.

The workshop was aimed at guiding students on the use of Microsoft word for thesis writing. The participants were 25 in number based on the availability of the hall capacity and was attended by students of different nationality.


The program was moderated by the director of education and training, INASIS Proton, Mr. Yusuf Suleiman and assisted by Badamasi Saidu who cordially welcomed and thanked the facilitator and the participants as well. The MS word program of the event was downloaded by the participants and opening prayer was said by Umar Farouk.


The program was practical in nature, as the facilitator introduced the basics of MS word including: formatting, clear formatting, Header and footer, Creation of table of contents, Text alignment, spacing between paragraph, inserting list of figures, referencing etc.


However, the workshop was divided into two sessions, the first session discussed the rationale and importance of key elements of Microsoft word as the most popular word processing program and justifiably. The facilitator made the participants to know the easy use of the software to create different documents. 


The second session was the core training where explanations on the use of keys such as: Esc, Tab, Caps Lock, Shift, Home, End, Delete, Backspacing, Page Up and Page Down, Arrows etc.


The filling section was also discussed such as: Save As, Page set up, print preview, Print, Exit, Cut.  


At the end of the program, participants expressed their appreciation and satisfaction to the facilitator and the members of the INASIS Postgraduate scholars for the educative workshops and equally requested for similar workshops on STATA, END NOTE and MENDELLI.


Participant were issued with a certificate of attendance and group pictures were taken.

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